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Brad Pitt + Chanel No. 5

I know Im about a month late but here goes. I love Brad Pitt. I love Chanel. This ad campaign Brad Pitt looks like a wet labrador. A wet, loyal labrador who's talking about I dont know what. Soaked dogs isnt something Chanel is known for so Im just as confused as everyone else as to whats going on in that ad. Some people are saying its the worst ad ever but honestly I dont think anything could beat Alan Cumming's 2004 fragrance campaign "Cumming". Not really going to go into detail about that awkward piece of work but if you dont know what I'm talking about just google it. So yeah, it could've been worse Brad, it couldve been worse. Woof.

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We Were Born to Lie?

I'm still not sure how to feel about Lana Del Rey yet. She says she was poor and living in a trailer park but then people find out her father is a millionaire..?? She says she couldn't even afford cereal but then people find out her father has been funding her career...?? She says she's never had plastic surgery...but we aren't blind boo and we've seen you circa 2009 "Lizzy Grant" if that is your real name soo...??? Even after all her lying and the fact that her new name, look, and style of music has all been chosen and produced by her puppeteers I cant decide whether or not to dislike her. If anything I feel kind of bad for her like its high school all over again and shes trying really hard to change herself so she can hang with the popular kids. Oh Lizzy or Lana or whoever you are you don't have to change the way you look and act to be popular/famous! If you're talented you'll succeed eventually, even though you completely flopped when you were Lizzy Grant and now are extremely famous as Lana Del yeah maybe not. This speaks a lot about our society. Whatever Im going to get cheese fries. All I know is I like staring at her pretty face...some of her song are alright too.

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Maleficent Jolie

So last week a picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent was released by Disney and she looks amazing. The costume looks awesome and she looks gorgeous(when doesnt she?) Ugh cant wait for this movie to come out but unfortunately im going to have to since it wont be coming out until 2014. Maleficent has never looked so chic.

Im loving all these fairytale remakes with such fashionable villains

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Humid New York

Welcome to the land of heat and sweat. Its officially shorts, skirt and skimpy top weather. I know my "hole-y" t-shirt seems questionable at the moment but you cant judge me... hot and humid weather does things to a person's judgement. If you're stranded on a humid island like me remember to drink lots of water and PLEASE PLEASE dont forget to put deodorant on. Seriously.


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Sailor Miu Miu

A dash of sailor moon, a little bit of wonder woman and a whole truckful of steroids.

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The Sneaker Wedge

Here we are again with another horrid shoe crime. I know, I know it might sound like I just like to talk smack about shoes but I swear its not like that...I just like to talk smack about hideous shoes. Why Isabel Marant why? Wedge sneaker? How is this unholy combination considered attractive in any shape or form. I thought everyone had learned their lesson a couple of years back when they tried making converse/sneaker/heels happen. In the words of Regina George "Stop trying to make it happen! It's not going to happen!". Here's Mariah Carrey trying to make it happen and embarrassing herself because of it.

Ugly like a sneaker and uncomfortable like a heel. Best of both worlds huh? Well this time around the heel has been swapped for a wedge. To add comfort? I still dont get the point of this shoe. Here's the culprit as to why my eyes burn. Isabel Marant's sneaker wedge......

Alicia those fugly shoes make it look like you have cankles and your calves look huge.

Ive seen drone after drone trolling the streets of New York wearing these or a knock off or the other hideous renditions that Marc Jacobs and Guiseppe Zanotti have come out with. Ugh.

Dont be greedy bitch stick to one or the other. Get it? Got it? Good.

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Say No to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So Im just going to vent about something that I have thought about for a very long time and I still dont really comprehend. Luckily the trend is dying down but I never got the whole "Jeffrey Campbell Lita" craze. Theyre ugly, they look excruciatingly uncomfortable to walk in and they make your feet look HUGE....HUGE. Im sure Ive seen them on everybody's lookbook and on so many fashion bloggers but what is it about that clunky looking gourd shoe that has everyone obsessing over it? Black, white, pink, blue, green, glitters, sparkles, ponies, rainbows.. ok you get the point, that shoe has come out in various colors and designs which are equally or more so hideous. Why Jeffrey Campbell? Why? I think they are the ugliest shoes ever..right under Uggs and Crocs. I get that they make you significantly taller and for short girls thats a big deal, I get that, Im tiny too and I grab any chance I get to wear sky high heels but even with my midget height I still wouldnt put those on. Not only are they ugly but Im not even going to go into the implications that are given with the name "Lita" nor the even creepier fact that sooo many underage girls wear this shoe. I wont go on because I could honestly rant about this FOREVER and if I keep going I'll probably get anxiety...or something. I leave you with a few pics. Ew.

I cant get the idea of animal hooves out of my head when i see them. Big.Neglected.Animal.Hooves.

The rocket boosters hidden inside this girls Litas are going to launch her into orbit at any moment.

The money spent on this persons hideous Lita collection couldve been saved and spent on something actually worth it like the Celine platforms from their spring collection. Pity.


I leave you with the Celine platforms Im talking about so your eyes can recover. You're welcome.

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Puppy Love

Im sure every little girl and boy at one point finds themselves desperately needing/wanting/crying for a puppy and/or pony. Me being guilty of all of the above end up always going to pup stores, animal shelters, (fairs and carnivals for the ponies) or just petting peoples dogs randomly on the street and risk looking like a complete dog pyscho. Mind you I'd much rather be dog obsessed than baby obsessed, I find people who get all overly excited for strangers' babies REALLY creepy.... but anyways whether its because I was too busy or my apt didnt allow dogs or someone was allergic or it was too expensive blah blah blah always something or other getting in the way of my future pup and our loving relationship. Tragic I know. That being said I still havent given up on the whole me having my own pooch. However...not having a dog hasnt stopped me from looking at dog accessories...Im gonna say thats completely normal or something. So here are just a few pics where im being a dog creeper and some cute doggie accessories.

I need/want/would die for a Frenchie ok maybe not die but still.

How cute are these Louis V collars?

These would be for PERFECT for spring & summer obviously

And these can be for a luxe night out

I can get a bit carried away considering I dont even have a dog yet but whatever a girl can dream. Dont judge me.

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I am currently obsessed with rapper Azealia Banks. Shes crude, she's cute, shes popular to boot. Ha! No but really not only can she rap her ass off she actually has a very good singing voice. Im obviously in love with her "212" song and her cover of Interpol's "Slow Hands". I love how shes so raw and in your face and doesnt give a rats ass about anyones opinion. Get it girl.

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Soooo Ive taken the liberty to post up a few Burberry Prorsum items that i CANNOT take my eyes off.

They're like Micheal Jackson's thriller coats modern cousins...or something

Delicious prints and stripes

Completely in love with this electric blue

This skirt. That shirt. i love you.

Simple but with a pop of print on the sleeves and detailing on the collar. genius.

luhhvve eeet

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