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Maleficent Jolie

So last week a picture of Angelina Jolie as Maleficent was released by Disney and she looks amazing. The costume looks awesome and she looks gorgeous(when doesnt she?) Ugh cant wait for this movie to come out but unfortunately im going to have to since it wont be coming out until 2014. Maleficent has never looked so chic.

Im loving all these fairytale remakes with such fashionable villains

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Humid New York

Welcome to the land of heat and sweat. Its officially shorts, skirt and skimpy top weather. I know my "hole-y" t-shirt seems questionable at the moment but you cant judge me... hot and humid weather does things to a person's judgement. If you're stranded on a humid island like me remember to drink lots of water and PLEASE PLEASE dont forget to put deodorant on. Seriously.


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Sailor Miu Miu

A dash of sailor moon, a little bit of wonder woman and a whole truckful of steroids.

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The Sneaker Wedge

Here we are again with another horrid shoe crime. I know, I know it might sound like I just like to talk smack about shoes but I swear its not like that...I just like to talk smack about hideous shoes. Why Isabel Marant why? Wedge sneaker? How is this unholy combination considered attractive in any shape or form. I thought everyone had learned their lesson a couple of years back when they tried making converse/sneaker/heels happen. In the words of Regina George "Stop trying to make it happen! It's not going to happen!". Here's Mariah Carrey trying to make it happen and embarrassing herself because of it.

Ugly like a sneaker and uncomfortable like a heel. Best of both worlds huh? Well this time around the heel has been swapped for a wedge. To add comfort? I still dont get the point of this shoe. Here's the culprit as to why my eyes burn. Isabel Marant's sneaker wedge......

Alicia those fugly shoes make it look like you have cankles and your calves look huge.

Ive seen drone after drone trolling the streets of New York wearing these or a knock off or the other hideous renditions that Marc Jacobs and Guiseppe Zanotti have come out with. Ugh.

Dont be greedy bitch stick to one or the other. Get it? Got it? Good.

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